Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I love having fun with Photos

I have a huge collection of photos....mainly old ones....but some that are from my camera.
I love this pic. These are my kittens from years ago.  The middle cat is Lucky and the bottom cat is Trix....Goldie has other parents. There is actually another kitten under the pile....tiddles. All four were on top of a small kitty condo!
Lucky is now huge...over 20 pounds...its not just fat...he has a big head, paws...etc.
Trix is our mice in this area of town.

This is a favorite photo in my collection...what a face!
She looks like she could have kicked some boy booty.
I like the saying I added...I like inspiration.
I also like fun ones.  She is sweet.  I love her glasses by the way.
Ok...gotta get busy now....I am having too much fun around here!
Sidenote: Survivor tonight....still addicted to it!

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