Monday, April 22, 2013

Cherry Blossom Tutorial

Happy Monday....the sun is shining here....but it still cold!
Today I want to share what I did yesterday. 
 I made my own Cherry blossoms!
I am going to make more...but I wanted to share how to do it....then I can fill up my pitcher later today.

These are CHEAP to make.
No cost for branches/twigs.
Party streamers are dirt cheap.  Glue....hardly any money on that.

They last forever...or until they get really

I just love cherry blossoms!
Onto the project....
Here are the supplies: Party streamers (you know how I love party streamers!), twigs, scissors, and hot glue gun/sticks.  When picking out a twig ( I just went to my backyard...seems to be an abundance that fell after a wind storm)...make sure to pick a sturdy twig with sturdy branches.  Trim your twig if needed.  Cut your pink streamer to 5 1/2" long and  your yellow to 1" long. 

Fold the yellow in half length wise and then again making a small rectangle.
Fold the pink in half length wise.

Cut petals loops in the pink....leave the folded edge uncut.

Wrap the yellow around the twig and hot glue down....this is the center of your blossom.

Gather up the pink in your hand alittle.

Start gluing the pink onto the twig.

Turn and gather up more of the pink and glue.

Glue any areas that need it and hold until set.

Spread petals (gently) out.  You don't need to add the whole length of pink streamer....just cut off the extra.
Or you may want your blossom full.

Make flowers for all twig branches....but you can leave some stems without flowers if you want to.
Originally I did one big twig...but I think doing several smaller twigs would be easier. make more!!!!

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