Thursday, April 4, 2013

Duck tape Prom Dress & other creations

My daughter Selina (15 yrs old) has been creating again!
She has made all kinds of other things with duck tape...bags, backpacks, rings, wallets, pens...etc...
Now she has whipped up two prom dresses!
She is entering them in a duck tape contest.

Here she, white, and zebra duck tape.
She sketched out a design and before I knew it...she came out with this!!!

I love the flowers on the top!

Here is her first and purple....with a longer skirt in the back.

She has a way of just going for it!  She finds a way to make it happen!

Here she is with "Flo" the mannequin....Flo was named after the progressive lady on commercials.

I love her creations! 

Last night while I was blogging...she paints this up with my fathers old paint and body shop paper.
She didn't sketch or plan it...she just started cool!

Yes...It is Katy of her favs.
The proud painter!

The proud painter with attitude!

Here is Tom Hanks for her daddy...his fav
Now the painting is hung up in her pink duck tape...go
I am so proud of her!!!
 Go to her shop Peacock check out her Photography!


  1. i love it! a few episodes ago on project runway there was a duct tape challenge. it was totally awesome. Lot's of talent with this gal!

  2. Yeah...we saw that one....was so much fun and it inspired her.
    I'll tell her what you said...she'll love it!