Saturday, April 6, 2013

Thrifting .... for gold!

Last week during spring break daughter and I went to visit my sis ...and we had a blast thrifting and antiquing.
The thrill of the intoxicating!
Above are some awesome vintage ribbon roses.

One booth had nothing but sewing items...I was in HEAVEN.
There were cool buttons, laces, velvet many goodies.

A thrift store had this bag of is huge with every color I will ever need.

This just cracked me up...someone saved old butter containers....I remember these as a brought back the memories....had to have it.

Imperial butter.....and so cute too!

This is a vintage box of shoe buttons...they will make great eyes on softies.
This box is chuck full...yay.

I love old ledger booklets

I especially love the writing in it

Yes...I can never pass up pom poms with strings

Red bags of buttons and red velvet hearts....oh my!

Someone cut out phrases for old that!

More buttons for 98 cents....can't beat that.

This bright yellow bucket tote came from the dollar tree....comes indifferent shapes and colors...I think they will go fast.   I put some of my finds in it for now.

I got french thread....dirt cheap....20cents

I always collect salt and pepper shakers for my mini mannequin pattern....they make a perfect base.
Plus I got some lovely pink fabric too.
I am going to share the rest of my finds with the Create it club members...since some of the items will be featured in the newsletter.

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  1. Such great finds! I too love antiquing and finding old buttons and lace. Looks like you hit the jack pot!