Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Love bird in blue

This is a brand new design...and is really sweet!
I combined embroidery with wool elements.  I love framing in embroidery hoops, not only are they popular...they are quick and easy!!!
Sweet simplicity....this blue bird is sharing the love. This is a fast, easy, and fun project.
Design measures: 4" x 3 1/4"
Fits in a 6" hoop.
My beautiful mother would have been 83 today....she was a wonderful woman....miss and love her bunches! 


  1. That is a really sweet pattern.
    My mom has been gone for years and I still miss her.


  2. Thanks Debbie,
    My mom has been gone for 15 years....she was willing herself to live to see my one and only daughter....she lived 20 days after my baby was born. It was strange for one important person coming into my life and then another important person to leave....so close together.
    Moms are so wonderful aren't they!

  3. Hi!!! The little birdie is very sweet!!!!

  4. Your Mom was a beautiful lady!!!!!