Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Yarn kitty doll and party hats!

Say hello to my wild cat...yarn doll!
I recently got an elf ornament at an antique store....
and wanted to make my own.
But I didn't know how.
So I looked on Pinterest and found a great website...Krokotak.com
It is specifically here!
This diagram was handy.
I added a felt kitty face with a little embroidery....paws (pink paint for pads), tail and center heart.
I choose some yarn I had ...a multi color soft yarn.
I think you could add any face...clothes...shoes...to make it different.
I may need to make it in Valentine colors...I will show you if I get it done soon. 
I recently went to a party after Christmas but before New Years...my daughter and I needed something fun to wear...so I whipped these up...using my festive party hat pattern. 
This was Selina's....she loves bright girly colors.
For the trims I used: yarn, scrunched seam binding, tulle, fabric scraps, and strings! 
For the banner I just stamped out a saying on white muslin...Party girl.  Then I cut it into banner shapes...added glue around the edges and dipped it in glitter. I then hot glued them on the front of the hat. 
Here is my hat....I chose a vintage scrap of fabric for the main part....then picked all these crazy matching trims.
We can use these hats for any party occasion now!
They are light, extremely comfortable, & clip on snugly. No longer do you have to have a strap or headband to have your lil party hat stay on.
My pattern comes with printable banners :
Happy New Year's, Happy Valentine's day, Happy St. Patrick's Day, Happy Easter, Happy Mother's Day, Happy Father's Day, Congrats Grad!, Happy 4th of July, Happy Halloween, Merry Christmas, Bride, Groom, Happy Birthday, Over the Hill, Happy anniversary, Give Thanks, Party Girl, Happy Holidays, Life is good!, and Let them eat Cake. 
Here is one I made in the past...
Smarty pants!
This one cracked me up!

Try and stay cozy...
our weather is extremely cold...we are embroidering, sewing, and doing computer illustration.
We are avoiding going out and about!

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  1. I LOVE your yarn kitty! It is adorable!!! :)

  2. Thanks!!! It was fun to just play around with it!

  3. Shared! Thank you so much. I know some girls who would like those hats for a fancy tea party as well!