Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Happy Go Lucky!!

I am feeling happy go lucky...
I love all the green of St. Patrick's day...so pretty.
This year St. Patrick's day is a whole month apart from Easter...which I love because I then can decorate for each and have time to enjoy both.  Some years the two holidays are super close to each other.
I made up a new banner...featuring my little paintings and some repeating pattern designs I made using illustrator.  It is in my etsy shop.
The banner can be any length. Each collage sheet has 12 flags....you could print as many as you need....to make any length. Each little flag measures: 3 3/4" x 1 9/16". 

I just glue (hotglue) the tops of the each flag to a length of bakers twine.
They are easy and fast...kids could do this too....I would just recommend tacky glue instead.
I have these banners in all kinds of other holidays and everyday too.

I retook some pics for some older tags I made...
sometimes I have to do that to update...plus my skills have grown throughout the years...thankfully! 
I do love using my old photo collection for these! 
Somehow the old photos really work well with Irish tags and labels...they fit!
These are fun on green glassware and hanging on knobs. 
This cracks me up!
Naughty of me!

This is a cool shamrock I made using my repeating patterns I did in adobe illustrator. 
I love to keep learning and making...I feel like a kid when I create!

I went to the grocery store....the displays are amazing...
My phone took this pic!
I love the color purple. 
These radishes make me really want spring...
but around here it still looks like Siberia!
Here's hoping the snow melts soon!

Come to the Home matters party!  come to the pin me linky party!    Come to Craftastic Mondays!!!

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  1. OMG! I absolutely love your colors and your designs are adorable! You're very talented! So glad you shared your genius with us! #HomeMattersParty