Monday, January 16, 2017

Revamping Valentine boxes!!

I love my newly revamped old Valentine boxes...this one has the sweetest valentine of a pussy cat.
I want to show you how easy it is to do it yourself! 
Here are my ugly boxes....a pink one from goodwill...$1.
There was dirt and marks on it....making it sort of sad looking. 
And this one is alright...but just advertises Russel Stovers. 
I gathered up my party streamers.
I LOVE party streamers because they are usually dirt cheap at thrift stores and are easy to work with.
I just took my white party streamer and started gathering it up with my fingers and pressing it down to keep the gathered shape. 
I then started hot gluing it to the edges...making it evenly hanging over the edge a bit. 
I started at the top middle point of the heart.
Lucky was helping a good tabby cat.
He put his paw on things I should try kidding...he is amazing. 
I kept going around in layers.
When going around curves...just tuck to go around. 
I wanted another color to be added. 
It was addicting to keep on going. 
I love the sweetness of it...reminds me of Marie Antoinette. 
While I was working on this....I took my old valentine ...glued it onto cardstock and then added glitter.  I let it dry.

This is the kitty valentine I used. 
I covered it up alot. 
All these pics were taking while watching I am sorry the pictures are a little crazy and dark. 
I also covered up the little red box. 
I added white too. 
I glued the kitty valentine on the center....glued ribbons under it (with a heart button) and added a few stickers. 
I put a dog valentine on this one.
They are sooo cute and corny at the same time! 
Now my boxes are not sad...
I can proudly put them out and enjoy.
Here is my last tip:
Don't put party streamers in the sunshine...they will fade...
but maybe you want it to fade?  It would look vintage if it was

Have an amazing day!

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  1. What a great way to revamp those boxes!!! Lucky looks happy to help! Such a pretty kitty! :)