Monday, December 14, 2015

My Corny Christmas!

I have collected lots of corny yet cute Christmas decorations throughout the years...I love the Kitsch.
I guess they remind me of the early 70's when I was a kid! 
This is my set up of pinks and blues...very corny indeed...I love every piece! 
Including my new mousey that came in a pack of random ornaments from Goodwill. 
This tree made from wood came from a local craft pretty! 
I love angels made with wire and stretched tulle.

My heart goes out to Charlie Brown and his gang!
If you have not seen the new is great! 
These are frosty!

I got this book years ago...I love opening it up for instant happy memories

A very old Linus ornament 
Sometimes it takes awhile to put up your goodies...but it is worth it. 
We had very little holiday decor when growing up....but this Santa music box was a pull him and he skis up the roof to the chimney! 
More derpy stuff 
A crafter made this clay nativity years ago...had to have it 
Nothing better the a VW bus with tree on top! 
I have stuff everywhere...this is part of my bookcase mantel 
Mommy kissing Santa Claus 
I just like to look at it all 
Old china elves...sweet! 
This world ornament is just scraps of an old map glued on a blank ornament. 
Ballerina slippers....from the thrift store....who would get rid of that????

Stockings I made years ago for us. 
Sweet prims!

Love this Santa! 
I have had that snowman card for ages...just stuck it into a lil frame. 
Love my wool hat on the statue 
Shakespeare and santa. 
My crazy reindeer I decorate! 
Kitchen gingerbreads.
One last to share with you....this is a pic from my shopping adventures....just thought you would like this display....I wanted everything here!!!

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  1. I love all your decorations! I adore old Christmas decorations. Love the memories they conjure up!

  2. I love the cute vintage things too and have them all over my house. I need to walk around and take more photos this week. Happy holidays! Diane

  3. Adorable decorations! The angels are so pretty!