Monday, December 21, 2015

Old man winter is here!

Has old man winter hit your area?
It has here in the pacific northwest....we are going to have a White Christmas!!
We have not had one in several years.
Above is my new digital sign that is in my etsy shop.  
I love working in adobe illustrator...making this sign with snowflakes.
With all my digital get a file to download instantly and u print....for only $5.99

Another item I have loaded up are my new candy cane licking gal tags....
perfect for gift tags. 
They come on a sheet...u download and u print.
Just cut out and use over and over and over.

12 tags in one sheet. 
They are even cute tied to a lil wreath or as part of a place setting.

My family had a progressive party last night...where you go around to each house to see the decorations and have was so much fun and we watched a funny Carol Burnett Christmas special and then played lots of games...very fun to get together,
We want to stay home on Christmas and just have fun at home....with all this snow!!
By the way...with all the Star wars hoopla....I wanted to share my Xmas 1977 picture...I am the one with red hair and the Star Wars t-shirt!  My sister Julie there made all the stockings...and I still have the my ballerina stocking!
Seeing this brings back so many fun memories!!
It is funny how a picture just brings it all back.

Hope you have a terrific week!!!

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