Monday, September 28, 2015

Halloween goodies...score!

It is getting quite spooky around here!
I went to some vintage flea markets, antique stores and thrift stores and got some awesome Halloween goodies!!  
It is fun to find just the right pieces. 
I Love these jack o'lanterns,
I know they are reproductions....but they are soooo cool.
They are well made too.
I used to have some vintage ones, but sold them during hard times...
these are a good replacement for me. 
Look at the cool old book...only $3.
It has the sweetest pictures.
I love the orange tinsel. 
Candy corn colored bottle brush trees.
My husband was with me and said I was there to have I went with it! 
This is a light up pumpkin. 
Kitty cat tree topper.
Love it! 
This is HUGE, but this pic doesn't do it justice.
It is so cool....hand painted. 
Cute scarecrow head with darling owl.
I love paper products.

including this witch with honeycomb pot. 
The book's them. 
It had all kinds of lovely pics...but I focused in on the Halloween ones. 
This is not the greatest pic of "Freaky"...but it is a wonderful one of a kind creation. It is big.
I just love the freaky letters. 
I have a whole collection of skull like decor...I don't like them gory....just

I feel real spoiled right now.....I also just got this original Danita painting...
I love Halloween!!!!

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  1. Neat finds! I like the book best of all! I love the cutesy Halloween stuff; it is so neat to see vintage Halloween items! Enjoyed looking at them! :)

  2. Your lucky day !!! I am envious, just love all the things you've shared. I think my kids loved it more than Christmas. And over the years Fall and all it's beauty is now my Favorite too. Have a great week. Thanks for sharing the fun post.

  3. Thanks ladies...hope you have a wonderful fall afternoon!

  4. Wow! What amazing finds! Love all of them!