Monday, September 22, 2014

Organizing buttons!

I love organizing my big collection of buttons. It so wonderful to have them separated by color....I am always looking for specific buttons. Here I filled up all these containers - the carousel rotating containers with buttons
All these wonderful organizational products come from Deflecto!

I added a cardboard roll (tp) in the center of the carousel rotating organizer. My scissor fit nicely in the center....and I love adding more supplies such as a measuring tape, pincushion and thread.
Look at all my lovely buttons....I am in button heaven!  I need some more black buttons....I use them the most.  Pink is a close second.

I used to have them in jars....but they are hard to get you fingers in and see what you want.  These containers are easy to get your hands in.
Here are the stackable cube organizers....perfect for my mailing counter.
It is amazing how organizing these areas can cut down on time spent looking around for the right supplies.
I always need things handy ...otherwise I forget I even have them!
They are cute!  
I am always adding strings to things....taping packages, trying to make the things I mail sweet.

There are the Craft tilt bins.....I love these!
I have my labels, clips, hole punches, strings, and rubber bands....all which I use daily.

These make my work space clear and uncluttered.
This is so handy for outdoor business card holder.
I put it up on my studio door....perfect for when someone comes and I am not there. The first business card fits in the front....perfectly displayed with all the info and all showing.

 Things are looking pretty darned sweet in my studio!

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  1. Oh how I wish you lived close to me . . . I would love to have you to go through my studio and help me find more ways to organize. Great job!