Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Business advice asked

Hi!  I was asked for some business advice about my patterns and I thought you might be interested too!
A sweet lady was getting into selling patterns on etsy and wondered about how I came up with prices and asked for any advice about selling on etsy.
I encourage you you all to start an etsy shop....I love etsy! It is great for people who sell their finished work too!
 I love creating a pattern design once and then have the capabilities to sell it forever. I never liked making a whole bunch of one item anyway.
I like to keep my price in a medium range....not too low or people will think it is not good or a low quality item.

Also, not too high because people have a lot of expenses and they will simply say no to a high priced pattern. I would rather have have a lot of medium sales than a few high priced ones.

Instant download is the sending the file because etsy does this for you....and no shipping or printing! Although this is just on etsy and sites like this. 
I print and ship lots of patterns too depending on the business.
Getting a following is important....people need to know about, facebook, tweet...or whatever.  If they don't know about you or your items.... they won't is as simple as that. 
 Enter submissions into magazines....they pay and are great to spread the word about you and your designs. Join link parties if you blog...they get other people to see your stuff.
One more thing that is super important....or you won't make many sales. Pictures are extremely important! Take good pics with no flash and not in direct sunlight. I made a light box from an old box to take pictures in. There are all kinds of tutorials on this on the internet. If the picture is will sell your pattern.
Take a pattern or several that you have at home and really look at it.  See how they style a picture, cover, supplies, info, instructions, and patterns.  This gives you lots of ideas for how you would like yours to be.
These are just my thoughts and opinions...made from my point of view.
I hope you follow your is getting easier and easier for home based businesses now!

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