Friday, September 5, 2014

C is for Clown freebie

Last week there was some amazing guesses as to what C would stand for in this ABC freebie series.
Taylor won the guess.....she had the circus on her mind!
I don't normally like clowns, but this one is pretty cute!
This would make a great embroidery and super cute to do the whole series in a quilt!
Just copy and save.
The first person who comments on this post with the correct answer to next weeks design...
which is "D is for...____" gets a special prize!
Just make ONE guess (this way everyone gets a chance)....the person who answers correctly wins!
Last weekend we went to area just north of Spokane Washington that grows tons of apples for the world!
I love all the hokey signs! 
Cute...yet hokey! 
My daughter took lots of photos. 
Today is her birthday!  Big party planned!
funny isn't it. 
I love the displays. 
Pumpkins already orange....mine are too....except one big one that is holding out.
Fall is in the air!
Hope your weekend is still sunny and warm!

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  1. Hmmm.... How about "D is for Duck"?

  2. HEY SARAH! You are correct!!!!! I can't believe you got it right.....last week it took quite awhile for the correct answer! Please email me at: so we can talk about your prize!!!