Thursday, November 7, 2013

Christmas stocking & Peppermint sticks

Wow....the holidays are fast approaching!
This weather is making me want to sit back and craft.
now until Nov 11th.
Sorry the sale in over
Make one stocking or many and pin a tag to it. Add some no-sew peppermint sticks to the easy to make stocking. The peppermint sticks also look great in a jar or as bowl fillers. 
This pattern comes with 9 labels to make tags.
Tags make a great kids project, they can add the color!

Sayings included: Candy cane dreams, more cookies less fruitcake, Don't get your tinsel in a tangle, I've been naughty but Santa doesn't mind, Just say snow, There is never enough shopping days til Christmas, I love Gingerbread men, I will honor Christmas and keep it in my heart all year, Gimme the prezzies, and I was good!!!!
Stocking measures: 8 1/2".
What have you been crafting lately...I would love to hear about it!! 
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  1. Love the stocking! Ordered this and just got it. Thanks for this great pattern and your great price! Couldn't miss out on this deal!


  2. Thanks Pat! I hope you enjoy the pattern!