Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Coffee keeps me busy....

Isn't this a funny one....makes me laugh every time I look at it!
is brand new...all my new signs are on Etsy.

Yep...it snowed this morning...this is way to early.  Last year we didn't even have a White Christmas!
So before Veteran's day is NOT cool!  Look you can see I still have my jack o lantern in the window box!

Boy I would have loved this as a kid...I would have reported my siblings left and right.

I love all the fun sayings from the movie Elf...
This is sure to get a smile from people.

Another from Elf.
I thought this would be lovely in Home decor where white and beige were dominant.

This is a favorite saying of my husband...from the help.
I love the inspiration of this one!

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