Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pilgrim Power

It's almost time to celebrate Thanksgiving....let's show some Pilgrim power.
Or if you are like may have some Indian blood (I have a tiny smidge of Cherokee).
These are my Thanksgiving tags...they are several years old atleast...but I have taken some better pictures now.
It is amazing how you can grow at photography....learning all the tricks of the trade.
I wrapped Pilgrim power around a thrift store dress it up.
The pumpkin tag goes nicely around a small basket.
I added ribbons and glitter to the tags for fun.

They have some of my favorite old photos from my collection on them. 
Turkey time!
Let's Gobble til we wobble! 
There are 12 tags in this set...ready to use on your dolls, primitive things, hanging on pegs or prim trees, wrap around a book or photo album, tie to a basket, and of course for gift tags. There are fun sayings like: Pilgrim power, Thanksgiving joys, Gobble till you wobble, pilgrim's rule, Be thankful, Turkey time, Pumpkin pie....and more.
Now I must check for sales on Turkeys at the grocery stores.

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