Friday, November 30, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree- Freebie Friday

Oh's freebie Friday!
I was really influenced by "A Charlie Brown's Christmas" when I drew this tree.....ya know when they had the Christmas tree lot....with all the aluminum and fake a kid I thought they looked great too....I was kind of on Lucy's side with this.
So this year I did a crazy thing!  I bought a white tree with multi colored lights.....boy is it different and pretty.  Even my husband loves it!

I know this coming year I am going to be less of a "pleaser" and do more of what I really want to do!  I am coming to realize everyone else is doing what they want at all why not me too.  I still want to be kind, but think of my core family first always.  I have always tried to not step on what I think others think I should do (way to much!)...etc... 
I will be making bold choices, no regrets. (it will be hard at first!)
What changes are you going to make...I would love to know what you think.

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