Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm on !!!

Hi Everyone!!  I am over the moon with sign/artwork is featured on the homepage of Pillsbury!!!!
It is in the section "What we are obsessing about"!
They found me on Etsy!
I am so excited about this....who doesn't love all the Pillsbury products and of course the Pillsbury dough boy!
I have cinnamon rolls in my fridge right now that is calling my name!

I have the sign is a digital format, where you print it and also it is for sale as a Print..sent to you via the post office.
Take a peek at!!!  There are lots of recipes!


  1. Hi!!! Yaa!!! How fun is that!!!! Congrats!!! Would you mind if I share this on my blog and your cute little owls!!! I think people would love to see them?

  2. Hi Carla....I would love for you to share this! I can't seem to get to your email address to tell you...I think google might have changed some settings.