Saturday, November 17, 2012

My daughter's photography

My daughter Selina got out and took some really nice pictures today!
She has a real knack for this!!!  She has just started a photography class in her high school:West Valley.  She is 15 and a ninth grader.  The top picture is our big boy- Lucky.

Lucky should have been a model, but I said he wasn't going to Hollywood!
I just love these pictures!

Here is crazy Trix....mouse hunter....she goes to the fields and takes care of them.  She has claws like Freddy Krueger.
This is a door on one of our sheds...nice and rusty...perfect.

Lucky loves the camera.

One big root...the cats scratch this everyday.
Thanks for taking a peek at Selina's Pics....I think she has a creative career in her future!

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