Monday, November 5, 2012

Stitchin up mice

Christmas MOUSE Stitchery E Pattern - primitive PDF pillow candy cane pinkeep tag pin cushion tuck embroidery
You probably know by now that I love mice...fake ones that are sweet!  They have been really popular...these are all my designs...all patterns in my collection.  I think I like how delicate they are and how you can make them look like characters.
This one is giving Santa a gift of a Candy cane.
2011 No Peeking Christmas Mouse stocking Stitchery E Pattern - primitive Pdf pillow frame candy cane embroidery
I have always imagined the poem...Twas the night before Christmas....that the mice are getting into the stockings.
new  Yankee Doodle Mousey Stitchery E Pattern - primitive Mouse mice sewing supplies Pdf Flag Stars pillow embroidery mice
These guys are patriotic...getting into Betsy Ross' sewing supplies.
new 2011 Valentine Love Mouse Heart E Pattern email Pdf  primitive stitchery embroidery pillow pinkeep tag pin cushion tuck
This one is a romantic at heart!
Halloween Mouse and Pumpkin Stitchery E Pattern - primitive Pdf pillow pin keep cushion tuck candy corn seam binding embroidery
Midnight snack...Candy corn...yum!
new 2011 Shamrock Mouse Stitchery E Pattern - email Pdf primitive leprechaun Saint Patrick's day  St. pillow pinkeep tag pin cushion tuck
I am part the wearing of the green!
new Lil Mouse VALENTINE holder E pattern - email Pdf primitive stitchery cupid heart quilt wallhanging posies flowers embroidery
These are naughty Valentine mice...Cinderella like!
Christmas Santa Claws Cat Mouse Stitchery E Pattern - primitive Pdf pillow  pinkeep tag pin cushion tuck embroidery
Christmas is the time of year when enemy's forget there fighting and come together.
Easter Egg bunny Mouse Stitchery E Pattern - email Pdf primitive embroidery pillow pinkeep tag pin cushion tuck
This mouse can't help but don some bunny ears for Easter.
Candy Cane RAGGEDY Ann and Mouse mice E PATTERN - Quilt Pdf Wallhanging stitchery embroidery christmas primitive doll
Raggedy Ann and her pals...candy cane dreams!
I need to make a Thanksgiving mouse design...but time is fleeting by!
Why is it that time flys by now....and was so slow when we were young?
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  1. Shirley, I absolutely love your gorgeous mice stitcheries! Are they all your own design? What a beautiful collection that you have.

  2. A very cute mouse collection. I love the candy cane one.

  3. Wow!! They are all so sweet!!! I love this kind of mice too!!! Of course I love kitties too!!! I found a saying once I thought was so cute!!! Of course there are cat angels that is why there are no mouse angels!!! So then I kind of felt bad for the mice!!! But I have seen some cute mouse angels!!!! I think when I was young I felt as if I still had a lot of time left so it went by slower and now as I am getting older I know that my time is less so now it seems as if it is sliding on by me!!!! But well I plan to be one of those people who slides in completely used up!!! Having done as much as I could and loving every minute of it!!!! I hold the grand babies a little longer and clean a little less!!! I play and then take a nap with them too!!! What used to be the little things are now the big things and what used to be the big things now have little importance!!!!