Friday, September 23, 2011

Vintage Halloween ads- freebie friday

I just love old magazines (I love new ones too!).  My favorite thing about these mags are the feeling as if you are traveling back in time!  I love the decor, clothes, hokey recipes, and of course....the ads.  This ad above is trying to get you to think roasting marshmallows and putting it on their crackers is a great Halloween party idea.  Sounds alittle weird since they are like saltine crackers, not graham. 

Coffee ads are so sweet...and I love to see a brand that continues on.  I love the orange and black graphic.  Click on pictures to see them larger! 
How come when I am cutting a is not so tidy and nicely done?  Must be because I am using newspaper under the pumpkin instead of Waxtex!  Oh well....I am not Martha and apparently I would have to live 5 lifetimes to cook like she does. 

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