Friday, September 9, 2011

Enjoy today- Free stitchery pattern

Yay!  It's Friday!  This was a busy week.  My baby had her birthday and first day of eighth exciting.  She has joined softball and has been so happy to see everyone again after the long summer.  On a sad note, my husband has kidney stones and they are no fun at all.  He suffered last never want to go in to the doctors.  He has had them before and knows what it is.  He is trying to rest.  I have been enjoying getting alot of work done....I have had so much I wanted to do but during the summer, my family comes first. 
Hope everyone enjoys the "Enjoy today" pattern....I made this into a wool pin...with french knot berries.

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  1. I love this simple pattern and will be stitching up a little pillow for myself. A eimple but effective message. 8th grade, I can't hardly remember. Hope your 8th grader has a wonderful year. Hope hubby recoups soon, too. Kidney stones are not fun. Thanks for sharing!