Thursday, September 1, 2011

Picnic- Best Labor day movie ever!

Every year when I was a kid there were 2 things to be excited for specifically on labor day....One was the Jerry Lewis MD telethon, which we stayed up as late as possible to see like it was some glorious challenge.
Another exciting thing about Labor day was...the movie "Picnic" would come on TV.  This was before a million channels, I think we had 6 or 7 channels.  Every year you could count on it!
This movie is so all takes place on one day.  A drifter comes to town and changes everything for the small community.  I love watching the interesting characters, all the heartache they have in their different ways, but also the uniqueness of them all.  Yes, it is hokey, and is dated (love looking at peoples clothes, home decor, cars, etc.)  but it is fun and truly celebrates the holiday.  For me, I wish I had been alive in 1955, to experience this simple living...but then I soon realize I love the here and now!
Try to see this movie if you can!!!

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