Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Sister's Garden

Good Morning!
This is my sister's garden....her name is Cecilia but we all call her Cissy.  She has a green thumb, unlike me.  She has a gorgeous garden and yard in Mead Washington, near greenbluff.  A few years back she had to sell her 1892 house to the state because a freeway was going to be going right through it! She and her hubby Steve fixed up their old house...which was in need of alot of work when the first bought it.  So it was sad when she had to look for a new home, but she got a beautiful home now with lots of yard and a beautiful pool. 

She knows how to make her yard so pretty with signs, birdhouses, and garden art amongst the flowers and shrubs.

These came from her old house, she transplanted some plants.  This flower reminds me of our mom because we had them growing in our childhood home yard forever.

Pretty colors, she has such a good variety of plants.

I love all these flowers, but I can barely handle a few pots.

They have lots of fruit trees and these apples are getting ready.

This is the apple state and greenbluff is known for all the apple orchards.  This is just another clue that fall is upon us.  It is in the 90's here still, but you know it will be cold before long!

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