Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Birthday stitchery freebie

Happy Birthday to me!!! 
 But the gift is for you!  This little stitchery is really cute made into a pin...with 1" fabric borders (1 1/2" with seam allowances).  Make it for the next Birthday of a family member or friend. 
I have had a wonderful day so far...shopping with my daughter....finding deals and steals.  One thing I got was a huge scrapbook of cards someone kept from the 50's....so much fun looking through them.  I also got a super huge old fashioned watercolor set.....with every color under the sun!!! 
I just got red roses.....must take care of them....tootles!


  1. Happy Birthday Shirley! Sounds like you had a wonderful day, here's to a year filled with many more! Deb P.S. and thanks for the too cute stitchery pattern!