Monday, June 6, 2011

Farm Chicks show part 2

Hi....More pics from the show!!!!  This is my "Do it now....or forever wish you had".

I loved creating the jewelry this was liking playing all day!

I hung my hair bows on fabric strips...which was handy.

I mixed vintage finds with my handmade goods.

I loved this section the was a "Happy" booth!

I made felt cupcakes, wanted to eat one.

Great sign from one of the vendors...lovely goods!

Displays are sooo wonderful at the Farm Chicks!

The vendors out do themselves everyyear.

Cute paper garland...they had fab items with fab prices!

I love the teddy with one eye!  You know he has had a terrific life!  There was sooo many wonderful people there...customers and Jenny Doh was sooo sweet and so gracious.  I love it...and I am exhausted!!!

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