Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Ok....she is not exactly sweet...but she was somebodies baby once!
I love old photos...I love to collect them and use them in my art...but I also love to know these people had hopes and dreams, just like us.  I know her life was harder than mine....we are lucky to be alive now.
This is what she would say...."I am one frozen entree away from a nervous breakdown."  lol.
"Housework makes you ugly".
"Happy girls are the prettiest."
Ok.... I will stop.


  1. Hmmm, I think she is might of smoked a pipe. I think she might have kept her old man in line. I think she would have held her grandchildren with the gentlest of hands, while setting in her old rocker on the front porch. Drinking moonshine.

  2. I am thinking, the comment above mine is exactly right...I think she had 8 boys and they gave her "heck" so to speak....racing buggies, using sling shots in church, throwing firecrackers under the horses hoofs......ahhhh the good ole' days!!