Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kitty is sick!

Hi everyone!  My kitty cat Froy is very sick...I am racking up a huge vet bill.
I am so worried about him.  He is such a sweetie and so lovable.  I also have to get ready for the Farm Chick show which is this weekend...June 4 and 5th at the Spokane Fairgrounds.  It seems like things always happen at once.

Wednesday update: Thanks for your support everyone!!!
Froy is getting a tiny bit better, still worried if he is eating and drinking enough. He hates antibiotics and forced feedings...but he purred afterwards with me, so that was good.
New Update....Froy is alot better...not 100% yet, but getting close!!!


  1. So sorry to hear about the cat. Not fun and the bill does go up high. Thinking about you.

  2. Good Morning, Shirley,
    Good luck with your show...and especially getting your kitty healthy again. Our daughter's cat had Fatty Liver Disease this winter and it took both of us to force feed here several times a day. She's all better now...so hang in there. ~Natalie