Thursday, May 19, 2011

Felting wool into pins

I love to felt wool roving into wool scraps to make pins.  I have a barbed felting needle, take a little wool roving, foam chunk to poke through, wool scrap in oval shape, and felt it into a wild kitty.  It is important to pay attention when needle felting....I have poked my own finger.

It takes only minutes to felts these babies.  I added buttons eyes and embroidery floss whiskers.

These are great to do while watching tv, especially when some of these shows recap everything to death!

This one looks like a sugar cookie.... doesn't it!  I took the 2 heart shapes (front and back) and stitched them together using a buttonhole stitch.  then I add a pinback to the back. 
I hope you try needle is addicting and fun!

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