Monday, May 2, 2011

Let freedom ring- Monday sale pattern

This is a great time to celebrate!  I am so proud of our Country!  I am a disabled  I know how hard our military works and the president..... and I am so happy.  I am having this be my monday pattern sale.....Patriotic badges....only $3.99 on pattern cupboard.

These are sooooo inexpensive to make....I love to make things that are recycled or made with super cheap supples.  The scottish comes out in me.

Nothing cheaper than party streamers, discarded books and lil snippite of ribbon.

Here is the freebie friday (that I forgot about...oops).  It is a tag I made that is all aged up!  I was so excited about the antique show on friday.....which was so fun!!  I got a mirror tray, queen pin, quilt for $5.00!, lots of paper goodies, more old photos (cause I am addicted), and my daughter got a ring just like prince william got kate!  She also got a dog and 2 bears, and a lovely feathery hat.
Have a fabulous day!

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