Friday, April 28, 2017

Prancing lamb freebie

Spring means babies!
Like this little lamb...frolicking about.
One of my favorite shows to watch with my cat (yes I said it) the show "Too cute".
It is usually kittens or dogs from birth to when they can be adopted.
My cat trix watches it intently...she can't keep her eyes off that show.
It cracks me up!
This freebie could be a tag on a baby shower gift.
I got this sweet vintage quilt at an antique show last weekend.
It was.....$15!
It will be perfect for displays like at the quilt show or folded on a shelf....for cuteness. 
It has a few spots....but I like it so much! 
I am not sure what the quilt block is?  It is very interesting. 
These are an antique store find...only a few bucks for these 12 paper pieced cute!
All the months are represented. 
I was a Hallmark junkie growing up....I always had to get stickers or hello kitty stuff...and also stuff with Miss Piggy.  Hallmark was my dream place.
I found this little book from darned cute!!! 
I love that style that was so popular in the 70's!!! 
Can this scarecrow be any cuter?
Yellow is a dominant color in this book...very sunny! 
I got some awesome Halloween fabric at a thrift store. 
Also a vintage embroidery hoop with a holder. 
Pretty crafty!
Only $2.69.
I wonder why that was the magic number for the hoop? the antique show...I found these super creepy puppets!!! 
They are pretty old and interesting to look at. 
The black dressed one is going right in my scary section of Halloween 
They cost me a dollar each. 
My panda now has a bib! 
What a sweet doll bib...embroidered and it has a crochet trim. 2 dollars.
I wanted this small drawer for buttons. 
White buttons are my favorite...they go with everything!!!
Have a Happy


  1. Puppets scare me big time!!! You have the best luck finding treats, the fabric stash is the best. I love your site and your products.

  2. Thank you for the cute lamb! Pretty quilt, and I love the fabrics you got! Those puppets are creepy! lol... :)