Monday, April 3, 2017

April and Photo frame polaroids

April is more Winter for us!
We (the pacific northwest) have green grass....tulips...and all kinds of animals out and about.
This is my monthly marker for April...I put it on my instagram to keep track of time.
My cats have decided that it is time to roll in the dirt...they never stop annoying me! 
My daughter Selina has a new product!!!
These photo frame pendants are just the perfect way to finish a design and make the sweetest gift! 
Cute bunny rabbit with an egg tree. 
In her get 2 pendant blanks.....a small and a large...that I seen at the top of the first picture. PLUS...21 embroidery designs are included!!!!
Pretty fabric looks great in them too!
I love this queenly card royal! 
This is an april rainy days with cats fabric.
See part of the umbrella? 
Big eye!
This one cracks me up!! 
Cute retro camera on gray fabric....very quick to stitch.  This one is in the larger pendant blank.
****With this purchase you get 12 small embroidery pattern designs and 9 large embroidery designs and a special "how-to" sheet. 
This one is in the small pendant blank.
***Additional designs included are-
For small: Stick figures, Bye Felicia, arrows, shamrocks, snail, fox, hello there, Easter bunny, Haters gonna hate, pumpkins, Americana, & Love. 
For large: Cat, dog, chick, Big eye, witch, snowmen, camera, cake, & unicorn.
The small design measures: outside frame: 1 11/16" x 1 11/16", inside area: 1 3/8" x 1 1/8" 
The large design measures: outside frame: 2 7/16" x 2 3/8", inside area: 2" x 1 9/16"
We both drew these designs...
it was fun working with her.

Check out her blog...she has a cool new look to it!

Have a great week!

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