Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Being thrifty~making pendants from scraps

Hey ladies!
I have been SO darned busy the last few weeks...I have had zero time to have fun and play!
What with graduation stuff and huge orders....and lots of tasks in between, I felt like I was always doing something that had to be done
Until now~
I made some fun pendants...and they could be key chains too.
My daughter makes these mini hoops.
Some times the outer hoop part doesn't make it though "Quality control".
The inner circles always make it....so she has lots of the middle circles.
I hated seeing them sit around.
I decided I needed to play around with them.
I drilled a hole and got out my papers. 
I have lots of paper punches that I already punched out....another thing just laying around for a long time.
I decided to glue them....mod podge them.
This shot is in mid process....I also decided I wanted them double sided... a design on each side that is different. 
Here is a sweet butterfly! 
I found some phrases I had typed up on my old typewriter...cut them out and glued. 
This chickie poo has a chick on the other side. 
I sprayed some gloss spray on them ...both sides and added a jump ring. 
This is three layers of paper punch flowers. 
This is easy enough for kids to do!
They were addicting to make and it was fun to get back to crafting up a storm!
With all the pretty papers out there...can you imagine the possibilities? 
There is also great digital art on etsy....like bottle cap circles. 
I even just paper punched old scrap papers...which is the bottom beige circle. 
This only took me a couple hours to make a whole bunch. 
But more importantly...I felt artsy again...it revived me and made me feel inspired.
If you want to do something like this and need wooden circles...hobby lobby has them in their wood section.  

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