Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Patriotic decor in my cottage

I wanted to share my patriotic decor today....I have my main living room full of it!
I love featuring our first president...and he is the reason this state is called Washington.
I made the heart years ago when mixed media stuff first began. 
I love just grouping everything together. 
This is a large strawberry I made, a crazy kitty cat and a cool stitchery from Bareroots.

I kept my patriotic banner on my little quilts. 
I love big flowery displays. 
I must have done this about 25 years ago...I loved gluing done all those cool buttons.
At the time I had no idea creating would be such a big thing to me.  I was young and didn't know what to do.
My mom was still alive...she thought this was very cool. 
These are pretty old too...teddy bear in a jean pocket and uncle sam. 
These cross stitched hearts have always made me feel great just looking at them...funny how some things spark big feelings. 
My piano top....this is the piano that my mom played on...she could play anything!
She had a true gift...she didn't need music to read either. 
I made this about 25 years ago too....one of my first quilting projects....I didn't even know what I was doing...lol.
It has faded quite a bit! 
My theory is...stick a flag into anything. 
Humpty dumpty...and the "I love quilting" doll. 
Donkey collection. 
This little drum came from goodwill....you just never know what you can find there. 
This is a Washington salt shaker...a recent find! 
I filled my large jar with sea shells and flags. 
Remember when there were craft malls around...lots of booths in one building....I loved them.  I got this rooster from one we had in our town. 
Strawberries....they just go with the summer red white and blue. 
I love this tiny wreath...so glittery.
Cute little pillow....I remember staining it to look old....but it also has the glitter glue paint....so out of date....lol. 
This little raggedy was once my mom's....she loved it and I think of her when I see it. 
Books, a flag picture, star fish and birds! 
Glass ware in my window.
Froy is snoozing in the corner of the pic. 
My mantle...I love lighting it up. 
I know this isn't patriotic....but it is summery~

Do you decorate for the patriotic holidays?
Sometimes time gets away from me on this one...but this year I did it!

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Love all the displays - these are great and very inspiring :) Thanks for sharing your patriotic decor'with us at #HomeMattersParty