Monday, June 27, 2016

Birthday goodies...

I had an early shopping spree for my birthday ...which is really on  tuesday June 28th.
We went to our neighboring town...Coeur D'Alene Idaho.
I always love the Bear paw quilt shop. 
I got a cool punch needle mag...with  designer Michelle Palmer...if you love punch needle...she has great patterns and super cool drawings on linen (I have several of them in my collection). 
Cool fat quarters. 
Fun orange wool ...perfect for pumpkins....hehehe 
Little charm Halloween!! 
Trix demands a photo. 
I got a cool aluminum flower. 
I think it is made from a cookie tin and two old molds. 
Froy had to have a pic too! 
I love this pre WW2 Halloween teapot I got at antique store...15 bucks.
I found the info in one of my Halloween collectible books....because it was super hard to find on the Internet. 
Got a turkey and a cute box.
I love getting holiday goodies! 
I got a giant scrapbook full of valentines and other super cute cards. 
I love the illustrations. 
Plus they are soooo corny! 
I got a big black wire Halloween tree....this is going to be perfect for displaying my designs at quilt shows.  I can tuck lil pillows, dolls and ornaments on it.

I found some patriotic stuff...I love the glitter and old fashioned charm. 
I had to have mom loved Archie Bunker...even though my mom was a feminist....she always loved watching All in the family.
I feel it might ring true to this years election. 
cute pots...I know they are new, but so cool. 
Pretty flag...and sweet children. 
The graphics are amazing! 
I love this primitive store that always has pictures....with houses....I have quite the collection now. 
I picked these because of the summer other ones are mainly fall and winter.

I got this 12 coloring book mickey mouse set for 5 bucks. 
I have alot to look at now and ...
Let the playing with it all begin!!!

By the way....tomorrow
I will be announcing something.....stayed tuned!!!
Come to Craftastic Monday!!!  Come to the Show and tell linky party!  Come to the Home matters linky party!    Come to the Pin Me linky party!


  1. What a fun post! I am downsizing, and haven't been out and about enjoying the "Hunt" ! .Coeur D'Alene Idaho is on my Bucket list. My boss use to visit and God Bless her soul but my favorite Aunt always told me "you have to do it." Thanks for sharing all the fun nostalgic things. Enjoy a lovely week. HAPPY Birthday Wishes also enjoy a fun day.

  2. Great hearing from you Sylvia. I don't think I am capable of Thanks for the birthday wishes!