Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Candles and repeating patterns

Today I have been working on new designs and more repeating patterns....practicing some skills.
Here is what my repeating design looks like on the computer.

First I draw some this case it is candles....the retro kind from my childhood Christmas.
I redraw them in Adobe illustrator.

I add colors and other elements.
By switching can have a completely different look.

Love this yellow....remember when all the colors of the late 60's and early 70's were this bright and crazy?!!

I made it soft here...much more delicate. 
Love the grays and blues. 
More crazy wildness!!
My mom used to make the brightest clothes for us...this reminds me of it. 
I love how different they can is still the same design. 
I don't know what I like best at this point!

This would be cute wrapping paper....I think.

Love purple.

My mind is spinning.

I now don't know where to start with color options.

If you have a favorite color combo or set ...please let me know....
I am totally not sure of what is best now.

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