Monday, November 16, 2015

If the Turkey is dry....

Hey Everyone....this is my new sign...pretty funny huh!
Nothing worse than a dry
I can't wait to have turkey and the fixings....I have been on weight watchers since the end of July...lost 32 pounds.  I am going to save my points and eat some of my fav foods....and enjoy the day.  I am very happy with weight budgeting my points and still I get to eat alot of what I love.
This sign is now in my etsy shop!
I think the key to true happiness is being thankful and grateful!
I also believe in love being the most important thing there is. 
I am going to try to not stuff myself...because it feels so bad to have an achy tummy.
I would like to take a nice walk...if the weather permits. 
I love pumpkin pie....but I only have it this one time a year.
It always reminds me of mom...she has been gone 18 I love having a bit of her around.
She made wonderful pies....the best flaky. 
Do you have traditions that really bring back the memories?
I got out a box of "Memories" the other day while looking for my air force picture... it is amazing how life is so different now.
Back then things were simple...which is both good and bad.
Sometimes it seems that we have 7 or 8 lives in one...all very different according to the stages of life.

I am thankful for everything...the past, present and future.

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