Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Japanese dollar store goodies

I recently went to Seattle for a vacation and knew I was going to find the Japanese dollar store there.
The Daiso japan store is located at the Westlake mall where the monorail is.
It was so much fun...full of unusual items....but I loved all the crafty goodness! 
Variegated embroidery floss...1.50 for the pack. I love how it is so cutely packaged. 
Almost everything in the store is $1.50
Threads....of all colors! 
Page markers...I got some cute ones...my daughter chose teddy bears. 
Fun wrapping paper. 
A thick drawing tablet...perfect to sketch ideas! 
Washi tape! 
Lots of fun papers....and I could have spent alot longer there....but my families patience was wearing thin....lol.
I found this cool purse on Bainbridge island.
I love what it says too... Love who you are. 
Isn't the artwork lovely!!
So darned cool!
I may put some art supplies in it...for when I go to my sister's house to draw and watercolor.
Later this week I will show you my fabric finds....I am so happy with them!

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  1. Can you provide more info on the thread on the spools? Is there a website listed or a manufacturer? They look fun, and I'd love to get one. Or maybe provide the name of the store so I can see if they have a website?


  2. Found it--thanks! One question though. Are these threads variegated or monochrome? In your picture, they look variegated, but on the website they look solid. My brain is seeing something weird, and I'm not sure which one to believe.

  3. The floss is variegated, but the thread is one shade.