Monday, July 20, 2015

British suitcase makeover

My daughter Selina made over an old suitcase of my grandmother's.
It started as the old Samsonite type case below.
She loves duck you know....she has made dresses, backpacks, wallets, flowers...etc.
She covered it first with silver tape  and then used her British the flag.
So now it looks terrific and she can't wait to use it on a trip and camping.
She even made some compartments for inside the suitase.
She always likes to stand out and be unique.
She has some new photos in her Etsy shop....
This cool typewriter....closeup on the keys. 
Pink flowers....from my sister's garden... 
She just passed Driver's ed and only has the driving part to complete to get her license.
This is Selina (prom pic).
She looked like a princess!
Have a sweet summer day!

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  1. My daughter is an ANglophile! This would be a good post for her. Thanks for sharing with us!