Friday, July 3, 2015

Independence hall design

Wow...tomorrow is the 4th of July....already!!!
Seems like time is flying!
I love all the flags waving, all the patriotic people.
I can't wait for some Baseball and fireworks!
This Independence hall design is cool...this would make a sweet prim embroidery in a weathered frame! 
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I have been practicing making digital washi tape lately...a few days ago I made some Halloween ones.
Now I have moved on to some everyday floral designs.
Above is sampling of the kinds I'm making....and the enjoy today sign has a small piece of washi tape at the it is being taped up to the wall.

Here I show what it looks like when adding it to a photo like my mini mannequins,
And here is my cat Trix on the quilt my grandmother made.  I was her name sake and we both loved purple.
I love how the tape looks so sweet and crafty at the same time. 
I plan to have these for sale soon.  
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Have a Happy Friday!!!

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