Friday, December 3, 2010

Freebie Friday- Jolly happy souls

Here is a design I made for you to stitch up....just copy, paste, and print.  I recommend using white floss for the snowmen if you are using tea-dyed muslin.  If you use plain muslin you might want to try gray floss for the they stand out. 
It is snowy here in eastern Washington and very icy.  Drive carefully....some people drive nutty and you have to watch out for them.  I got a "cricket" for my wedding anniversary....he he he....I am in heaven!


  1. THanks, Shirley! Stay safe, too! What is a "cricket?"

  2. A cricket is a machine that cuts paper in any shape and size you comes with cartridges with different fonts and shapes and designs. I have been cutting huge snowflakes and letters...just goofing around so far. I can see it will be addicting.

  3. Thanks for the pattern....I have a girlfriend
    who has one and she loves it!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  4. Oh how wonderful Shirley, thank you so much for the pattern, I love it! I've been in a stitching mood lately so will make up this lovely pattern over the weekend. Thanks again, Deb