Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Flash cards- brand new

Here is a new set of christmas phrase flash cards....perfect for christmas parties and get togethers....have a guest hold one of these cards(they pick from the 12) while you take photos.  I did this for Thanksgiving and we all had a great time and I had some unique pics!

You can also simply put the cards amongst your decor!

This is my kitchen with my snowman I have had for years, she is so cute!

This is perfect for all the scrooges in your life..ha ha ha

These cards are on my etsy and instant printables....only 3.69 (no waiting for a postman...I email it to you pronto)....uprint on cream carstock and cut out. 
I will have a cute freebie tomorrow on my blog...check it out...I want to thank-you all for your support!

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