Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My booth at the WSQ quilt show!

I had a cute vintage sign to point the way!

Here is a far away was so nice to be able to spread out my booth since no one was beside me on the end.
I love using my old ironing table as a prop!  My needle felted pumpkins are always an eye catcher.
How do you like my quilt in the background?  My cat thought it was cool to lay on it before the show.  The mannequin was fun and it helped me display my patterns samples!

Halloween is so pretty!  My patterns sold out each was alot of work and worth it.  This was my best show I ahve every had!

See the ornaments on the twigs and wheat...someone stole 3 of them....lets just say I believe in Karma!  Oh well, they are easy to make up again.
Christmas fun...I will have more christmas stiticheries soon!
I love all the holidays!

My old quilt always goes to all my shows. 

I had lots of spools and badges...people loved the halloween badges especially!

Wrist cuff newest design.
Raggedy is one of my favorites....I used to have ann and andy that my mom made for me....I played with them until arms were falling off!
Christmas mice....they are taking over!
I love patriotic goodies!!!  I received so many wonderful complements...thank-you for making my year!!!  I loved talking with everyone and hearing everyones interesting. 

This bunny is tired and signing out for now!!!!!


  1. It looks awesome!! I was planning on coming friday but had so many things to do seemed the day was gone, at least I saved some money!!! You should be so proud of yourself! Im bringing my autograph book next time I see you! giggle

  2. can't believe someone would steal at a quilt show!!! or AT ALL!!