Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday sale pattern- Halloween pin badges

This is an e pattern of: Halloween Badges pin pattern, #224

They are super easy: print, cut, glue and done. It takes simple supplies.
These are super easy badges to Celebrate Halloween! It is only 3.99 on my Patternmart.  They are so easy that it is also great to make with kids. Badges can be made in small & large size. They are great pinned on you, your dolls, great for parties, and amongst your decor. Sayings included are: Black Hat Society, Halloween Hag, Witchy Woman, A Merry Halloween to you!, Just call me wicked, & Time to cast some nasty spells. Ruffles are easy to make using crepe paper or party streamers. Make one for all your Witchy friends!

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  1. Cute! I love ribbons, love black and orange!...I bought a plug in Mr. Pumpkin from you at the Barn seeing you around at the shows! Thanks for visiting my blog=)