Monday, August 1, 2022

Hot August!

It's hot August!
It's the last month of full summertime.
It's so hot here in the PNW that it is hard to enjoy it.
Thank goodness for air conditioning and fans!
We have been kayaking for fun and peacefulness... but staying in a lot too.

Above is the phone/tablet calendar for here for the download.

Click here for the desktop version for your computer or laptop.
Spooky times!

This is a digital book of 13 different Halloween drawings/scenes and 7 different sayings for embroidery and crafting....a PDF instant download....designed by me...Hudson's Holidays. This digital book is 11 pages....print on regular paper.

These are great for stitcheries, wool projects, needlepunch, coasters, pillow tucks, ornies, pinkeeps, painting projects, coloring pages for kids, wallhangings, table mats, scrapbooking, wearable pins and quilt projects.

Simply print and do what you want with them. There are basic embroidery instructions...create what you want to. There is no floss color list, you choose your colors. Color the pages too.
There are pumpkins, jack o lanterns, haunted scenes, Frankenstein, dracula, the mummy, pumpkin patch, Ghosts, vintage vignettes, owl, cats, sayings to stitch and more.

My daughter Selina and I got into rug tufting this past month.We saw a tiktok video and you tube videos too....that were fun and fascinating. It's the super fast way to make rugs....

We bought a frame kit (Amazon)and put it has strips of nails on all sides to hold rug tufting fabric to the frame.   It is as tight as a drum. You mark your design on the cloth.  We used a projector and a sharpie pen.

Here is a close up.

We outlined the shape with black yarn.

Here is a shot of the rug tufting is like a sewing machine in a way....just poke it in the fabric, pull trigger and tuft upwards.

Any yarn can be used. It cuts the yarn for you.

Here is the back, which is the right side. can shave and trim it.  Also you seal the back with rug glue. 

We had a helper...Davy!
We had a wonderful bridal shower for Selina....she is getting married in September!
I am so excited!  
Maybe I will be a grand-mother some day!


This picture was from my first book signing.

I have another one soon!

It's been a rough past month... with my father having some hospital stays and I was sick too....but I'm hoping things will be more calm this month.

Enjoy the rest of summer!

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