Friday, August 10, 2018

Great Pumpkin on the shelf

This little guy reminds me of the elf on the shelf, but instead he is 
Great Pumpkin on the shelf...watching all the kiddos and making sure they are good all!
He is made from Selina's pumpkin design shape (for the head) and chenille arms and a little spool.
The spool is wrapped in a small strip of fabric.
I have had lots of wooden spools in my stash (you probably do to) thread on them anymore, but still cute!  I wrapped mine in halloween cute.
This was my inspiration....a sweet jar of fabric covered spools.
I love how cheerful they are! 
The best thing is it takes the tiniest scraps.

Just measure the inside areas so you can cut the right width.

Thank goodness for these rulers and rottery cutters.

Its so easy to make perfect strips.

Just wrap and glue with tacky white glue.

These spools make the perfect doll body.

He has a frown, because he wants some music...but you can certainly stitch a smile on him instead if you like...just by turning the frown upside down.  (Corny alert!)

Each Halloween embroidery doll pattern comes with the directions to make a companion quilt.
Franky likes stripes.

Currently there is a witch and pumpkin as well....with their quilts.

Franky is carrying his treat container...a little pumpkin.

Next is the ZOMBIE girl...coming very soon!
After that...a vampire!

I hope you have a great summer weekend.
Watch out for those bees!

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