Friday, April 6, 2018

Retro TV time... tiny embroidery

Time for a little TV.
Isn't this so cute?!
My daughter made this adorable TV pin/brooch blank....I designed the embroidery inside and stitched it up!
I drew up this little design...just to play with it.
This is how the TV looks before using it.
The center slips out. 
I cut a piece of cotton batting using the inner shapes as a guide.
Place some glue on it.
and put the batting on it. 
This will make a soft center for my embroidery to be placed on. 
I stitched it up while watching
2 strands of floss and one strand for the windows.
I stitched it during "Survivor" and washed the blue marker off.
Then let dry.
I placed the embroidery over the center piece with batting on it.
then pushed the TV over it and glued it in place. 
I glued a scrap of black felt and a pinback.
It is so sweet and any small design makes and interesting piece.
Even just pretty fabric is this Henry Glass cat fabric.
My new business cards came in and I love print.
This one is showcasing my daughter Selina's hexies and my embroidery designs.
This one is for my fabric design.
I love pansies and had to make a collection for that. 

This is my "April" one of the coloring pages calendar that I sits right by my computer in my office.
This week I have the 12 month printables on sale in my other etsy shop called ShirleyHudsonDesigns.
It is only $3.99.
You get all these designs to either color or you could use them for embroidery designs.
They are fun to color and use...they can be clipped to a clip board or hung up.
I may have to stitch up the America basket soon.

Come to home matters!

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