Friday, April 27, 2018

Big eye Kitty cat

This week I painted another painting...a big eye kitty cat...
Inspired by the big eye movie.  I drew one like it before but it was really small....
 this one is a 16 x 20.
I want to share the process.....
I started with old papers covering my canvas...I used a matte medium to do this.  Then I added some white gesso here and there.
 Then drew in pencil a basic drawing of my idea.
Then I started with kitty's face....big dark circles for the eyes.
It looks ugly ...but it is all about layering paint.
The face is now starting to come together...I like outlining her face in blue.
I  have blended the face in better...smoothing it out.
Now to add the flower and heart in her pocket.
It looks human like too.
More colors and letting the papers in the back come through.
Lots more paint ....stamping, scribbles and more.
Sweet and simple...and finished.
She is more vibrant in person and her eyes seem to compel you to see inside them.

We, my daughter and I, got our brochures back from the time for spring quilt market in Portland.
We are very happy with them.
We both designed our adobe illustrator
Forgive the shine reflection my camera took...they look amazing in person
It was pretty easy to use vista print for these.
My daughter's has a cool wood background.
You can't fit everything in a brochure, but all the latest and most popular are here.
I can't wait to be at market...if you are attending...we are in booth #1227.

Here is too a wonderful weekend.

Come and have fun at the home matters linky party!

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