Thursday, April 12, 2018


I love these Cameras.....designed and cut by my daughter Selina!
I had alot of fun stitching up the designs.
Here they are without color.
You can keep them like this or paint them.
In the center of each camera is an area to add little embroideries or pretty fabric.

This one will be fun to wear on the 4th of July!
This is the package cover of the camera's....they come in a 2 pack.
Here I am painting them with is just literally blobbing of color and letting it dry.
You could really use the center for some extraordinary fabric...but even this geometric looks cute.
I love how the wood grain can be seen with the watercolor paint.
Wood Cameras measures:
Camera: 2 1/2" wide by 1 9/16" tall.
Inside circle area: 15/16” wide x 15/`16” tall.
You can personalize them....with initials....this is mine!
Included in the pack are:
4 embroidery designs (American flag, flowers, hearts, big flower) & an alphabet (that fits perfectly in the center)for monograms. Plus a sheet with helpful hints and instructions. Also included is a blank area to draw your own designs.
I love working with my is a dream come true...and we have the best time!
We will be at Quilt Market in Portland....May 17-29....booth #1227!
Welcome some Americana in to your home!
Sweet kitties....being patriotic!
This is:  Patriotic spirit- 8 embroidery designs, ornaments & bowl fillers pattern, #383
It is only $4.99....this week Friday it will be back to $8.49
All summer long ...from memorial day, flag day to independence day...and later veteran's day too.... Stitch up some super quick & unique ornaments or bowl fillers ... 8 designs in one. There are flags, cats, bunnies, banners, flowers and more!
I love their faces!!!

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  1. These are so awesome and adorable. I am so glad I got to visit your post for the week. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty. I have pinned these for inspiration and to come back to them.